When you step into Riverside Park, you really are escaping into a whole new place in Panama City, Florida. This "pocket neighborhood" is steeped in the old style tradition of courtyard homes sharing common areas and taking a step back in time on what a "neighborhood" should be. This concept, while hundreds of years old, may take a minute for the average, modern-day, Panama Citi-an to truly appreciate. But, once you do, it’s very hard to go back.

The homes in this area are truly lovely, mostly craftsman, cottage and old plantation style homes all with expanded front porches designed to take in the full harmonious beauty of the courtyards in the neighborhood. Over a mile of picturesque sidewalks and bridges wind through 17 waterfront acres and 3 adjoining courtyards which have abundant natural landscaping and some of the most beautiful Southern Live Oaks in town, all tucked away in this private, peaceful, neighborhood setting.

In addition to the natural beauty of the neighborhood, Riverside Park features a large dock on Mill Bayou, a community pool, small children’s pool area, large pool deck surrounding both, 1/2 basketball court, playground area (with swings and equipment suitable for all ages of children) a community building (used for parties and meetings and neighborhood functions), fitness center and a game room with pool table that overlooks the pool area. This artfully designed neighborhood lends a true "community" feeling and its residents feel welcome and truly "at home" here in this amazing neighborhood.

So, welcome to our website and our unique neighborhood that we all love to call home!

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